PERGOLAKAN HADITS KAUM MODERNIS : Studi Komparatif Pemikiran Abu Royyah, Ahmad Amin, dan Musthafa Al-Siba’I

  • Arianto Institut Agama Islam Hasanuddin Pare
  • Abdur Rouf Hasbullah Institut Agama Islam Negeri Kediri
Keywords: Hadith, Thought, Modernist.


There is no problem with Muslims' belief in the position and authenticity of the Hadith or Sunnah during the time of the Prophet SAW, because if they find something that is doubtful or unclear, they can immediately confirm it with the Prophet SAW. This is different from the time after his death until now, the problematic nature of Hadith has become such that it has led to the opening of the veil to see its existence as a religious authority. As was done by Ahmad Amin in his book Fajr al-Islam, which criticized several things about Hadith. According to him, the originality of the Hadith after the death of the Prophet SAW is questionable. Meanwhile Musthafa al-Siba'i countered Ahmad Amin's thoughts by presenting historical evidence of the originality of Hadith. In Musthafa al-Siba'i's view, Ahmad Amin's criticism of Hadith was not based on strong arguments, in fact the arguments he built were more assumptive, generalized and textual. According to Mahmud Abu Rayyah, the debate about Hadith actually makes a valuable contribution to the study of Islamic thought, especially the study of Hadith. He criticized friends' integrity which needed to be reconsidered, because there were many factors and past problems that had not been revealed. Therefore, he does not want the study of Islamic studies to stop and become stagnant and give the impression that it is out of date. He wants the Islamic religion with several scientific studies to continue to exist in the circulation of time (Salihun likulli Zamanin wa makanin).


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